How do I order? You can contact us on email, phone or the contact us form on the website.

What happens with my veg? We pick up the fruit, veg and eggs on Tuesday then sort, pick, pack and deliver your box with your preferences to you.

How do we choose the varieties? There will always be potatoes, carrots and onions in the boxes (unless specified not to). We choose everything else depending on the quality on the day, seasonality, air/road miles, cost and sometimes if someone has suggested trying a new thing.

How often will I get my box? Its up to you, we have weekly and fortnightly boxes but also have some people who only want a box every now and then.

Can I make changes to my order? As long as changes and preferences are in to us by the Monday lunchtime of delivery week then we can generally accommodate most things.

Cancellation of my order? Ideally cancellation of any order at least 48 hours before delivery would be expected please.

When will my box be delivered? We deliver boxes in groups depending on your address you will either get your box on Wednesday or Thursday, we will advise you a closer time when you order. We try to accommodate preferences but cannot always deliver when you are in.

What if I don’t like a vegetable or fruit? We don’t all like everything. If there is something you really would like us to leave out please let us know and we will substitute it out of your box. We can take suggestions of your likes but cannot guarantee specifics as we choose varieties on a number of criteria.

What do I do with my empty box? We will collect your box when we deliver your next one. We try not to have any single use boxes, bags or trays, so please return them and we will make sure they are used again.

How do you try to be more eco? We refuse most produce that comes in plastic (soft fruits come in trays. That is unavoidable but these are reused) We reuse all boxes, trays and bags as many times as we can before we recycle them through the right channels. We endeavour to get as much of our produce locally and from the UK which reduces the miles it has travelled to your plate. Some times this is unavoidable. We buy in bulk and make as few journeys as possible during pick up and deliveries, grouping as many of our deliveries together in one trip. Incidentally we also collect empty crisp packets, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, pens, egg boxes and sweet/chocolate packets to send to recycle through the Terracycle network.

Let’s build something together.

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