About the Pear

Having to travel over 20 miles to the closest greengrocer is absurd and we weren’t the only ones doing it.

Berwickshire is an area of fertile ground that produces a wide range of different vegetables on our doorstep but there was no way we could find to get produce directly to the kitchen table without going through a supermarket. Why is there no-where to buy decent, plastic free, fresh, tasty veg and fruit.

So we decided to do it ourselves.

Set up by Sara and Fiona, two mums who’s day jobs were not fitting in with the hectic schedules of family lives. To source, collect and distribute fresh veggies to other like minded people in the area.

We try to source as much of our produce as close as we can, aiming for locally grown, we came up against an issue with supermarkets. They own the vegetables in fields around us, farmers held in deals unable to sell to anyone else.

Luckily there are a number of smaller farmers locally that we can get a number of our varieties from – potatoes, carrots, beetroots, parsnips and free range eggs so far. Hopefully as our name and ethos gets out more locally produced goodies will be found to add to our boxes.

Other produce is bought on locality-Scottish primarily, UK next and then Europe and the rest of the world after that. No-one can live without bananas and oranges and so far technology is not advanced enough to grow these closer to home.

We buy the options with the least plastic – plastic free isn’t an option with everything, soft fruits tend to come in punnets but we reuse the plastic as much as we can. We reuse the boxes we buy the produce in to package your veggies, so nothing we get is single use apart for the produce.

What People Say

 Another fantastic fruit & veg box! I wouldn’t normally choose spring onions but it made me create something new (chicken with spring onion, ginger & soy…mmmm). Having someone else choose for you makes you consider other options than your normal ‘go-to’ xx


We’ve had three boxes from The Cheery Pear now and they have all been great. Really tasty fruit and veg! They have been really helpful with different requirements we’ve had and we love getting our delivery to see what surprises are waiting for us in our box!


Cheery service, reliable and always a lovely selection. It,s also good to be able tweak the box if there is something you don’t want.


Found this page out by another review, it’s highly recommend and very affordable too. Excellent for the summer especially when the kids are off. And have nice fresh bowl of fruit &vegetables delivered to your door step. Excellent quality and very good service.Great food


Join us on our Cheery journey

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